We provide financial support and mentorship for promising students in the developing world.

We collaborate with our partner charities to select appropriate students, our mentees.

Once they are selected, the Madrinha trust will support beneficiaries throughout their educational lives, financially and with mentoring to ensure that they strive to meet their expected goals.

The selection process

  1. Our partner charities recommend potential candidates. In all cases candidates will be nominated because they do not have the financial means to fulfill their potential.
  2. Candidates submit applications and an essay and are interviewed.
  3. A decision is made. We ask that the nominees be bright, self-motivated and likely to become agents for change within their local communities, wherever they may be. If accepted the Madrinha Trust will support these youngsters throughout their educational lives, financially and with mentoring.
  4. Mentees matched to mentors
  5. The nominated mentor gives guidance and supports the mentee to achieve their goals
We help our student beneficiaries realise their full potential, in turn they commit to work hard and to pay it forward in time.

Our ethos is to PROSPECT


Our ethos is to PROSPECT

P ay forward to give back
R espect integrity and diversity
O ptimise potential to empower
S erve community as pro-active change makers
P lan with purpose to initiate, innovate and inspire
E ncourage diligence, embrace achievement
C ollaborate to nurture and care
T ackle barriers through our journey of discovery and self worth