Maya Sanbar

    Maya is a Film Director and Producer, making both Feature Films and Documentaries for over eight years now. A graduate of International Law and Diplomacy at the Sorbonne in Paris, Maya is fluent in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Maya was also Head of Worldwide Advertising for HSBC Global and Director of Partnership Development for 3, a UK based Telecommunications giant. She also worked in the UK Government Cabinet Office under Tony Blair for a year, advising on mobile communication strategies.

    Her extensive work with UNESCO, her time in Gaza and the West Bank, and her close involvement with Mother Theresa’s projects in Ethiopia, have enabled her to experience, first-hand, people’s ability to make the most out of their lives with a little help. Maya is passionate about the Middle East and sees a lesson for us all, in every situation. She brings to Madrinha Trust her enormous versatility and a passion for change.

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