Georgia Frimpong

    Georgia is  a Graduate of University of Lancaster (LL.B), University of
    Cambridge – Queens’ College (MPhil)  I am an aspiring barrister. I have
    just completed a Masters’ in International Development and hope to
    combine my passion for social justice with a legal profession as my career
    progresses. I am currently resident in the UK but am of Ghanaian origins
    and was born and educated in Italy. As such, I consider myself a citizen of
    the world and love travelling and discovering new cultures and places. I
    also spent a year living in Spain as part of my degree and am
    consequently fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Akan (Twi). I am
    passionate about breaching global inequalities and creating sustainable
    opportunities for all.
    In terms of interests, I love writing poetry/ short stories, immersing myself
    in whatever literature I can get my hands on and can spend hours listening
    to music especially when it’s live music. My go-to album is The
    Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

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