Gail Budd

    Born in St. Lucia, raised in London and married to an international banker, Gail has lived in many different countries, stretching from South America to Asia. Wherever she has been living she has become involved in the local community either through work, volunteering or studying.  As a psychology graduate Gail first worked in Human Resources for a large, then British, computer company. She has worked for a book publisher in the States, taught English on a United Nations-sponsored project to local journalists in Armenia, edited and read for the London Westminster Talking Newspapers for the Blind (now sadly defunct), was a Governor at a boy’s school in Tower Hamlets, and now works as part of a team restoring books at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

    These opportunities to live in many different communities only strengthens her view that an education is crucial for anyone and everyone to have a chance to reach their goals and aspirations. Becoming a mentor is both a privilege and an inspiration.

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