Dr Dhelda R. Mfanga

    I am a lecturer at University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, teaching some of the mining and petroleum courses.

    I am an academician so my research interests are broadly on the area of applied mechanics including

    • Stress modelling around both surface and underground excavations
    • Rock failure and fracturing
    • Mining/ Reservoir induced seismicity
    • Stability of wellbore and slopes

    Subjects studied at University include, Rock mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Drilling and blasting, Mineral economics, Mine design, Mine surveying,  Reservoir engineering, Reservoir geomechanics, etc.

    My qualification are as follows:

    2015-2018: PhD. in Petroleum Engineering – University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
    2008-2010: M. Eng.  in Mineral Resources Engineering – Laurentian University, ON, Canada.
    2002-2006:  BSc. in Mining Engineering – University of Dar Es Salaam.

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