Almadanya is not intended to solve all the problems of Tunisia. It simply aims at inspiring. The message to convey is that Tunisians must give back to their country, instill a sense of belonging in the civil society, and reconcile the disenchanted among them (ie most of the people) with dreams and aspirations. The time for action not talk.

Transparency and ethics are central to the initiative of Almadanya not only because it reflects the philosophy, education and morality of its founder and of the executive board members of its Directoire but also because the new democracy so demands.

The Al-Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine – usually called by the initials FQMS – was formed in 1997 as a UK registered charity to support medical education in Palestine. At the time of formation, there was only one medical school; namely the Faculty of Medicine at the Abu Dies campus of Al-Quds University. The first Dean of the Faculty was Dr Nael Shihabi. Undergraduates came from all over the West Bank and from Gaza to study. From an early date some students received the first two years of instruction in Gaza at Azhar University and in Nablus at An Najah University and from that developed separate medical schools, soon to be joined by the school of medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza.

English National Ballet School, official School of English National Ballet is a specialist training centre for aspiring and highly talented young ballet dancers aged 16 to 19. We transform talented young dancers into world-class performers over a three year programme validated by Trinity College, London.

The CGEF (formerly CCLEF) provides sponsorship grants to girls for secondary or high school education in their own Commonwealth country in cases where this might otherwise not be possible. Support is tailored to the individual needs of each girl based on academic potential, merit and need.

The Himalayan Youth Foundation UK (‘HYF-UK’) works to improve the education, health and living conditions of orphaned, semi-orphaned and disadvantaged children and young people aged 6-25 living in the Himalayan region. It provides support through sponsorship, individual donations and guidance to the Kailash Home in Kathmandu, Nepal and the Choki Traditional Arts School in Bhutan.

Renamed in 2016 to KHULA, which means to Grow or to Prosper. The David Rattray Foundation was founded originally in 2007. KHULA works closely with communities and schools in UMzinyathi District of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa in providing the resources, skills and opportunities that the pupils need to succeed in life.

Rwanda Aid operates in the remote south-west of Rwanda, in the districts of Rusizi and Nyamasheke. Rwanda Aid’s aim is to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged, especially children, helping them to develop the skills and knowledge to build a better future for themselves, their families and their community. Rwanda Aid does this through a variety of programmes in Education, Disability Awareness, Street Children, Organic Farm Training, Business Enterprise Development and Classroom Construction. Projects within these programmes in 2016 have worked to improve life for over 24,000 individuals.

Tana River Life Foundation (TRLF) is a Charitable Trust set up by Gabriel Teo Kian Chong on 13th December 2005 in Mombasa, Kenya. Gabriel has been living and working in Tana River District, Kenya since 1995. The Foundation was set up with the objective of assisting the marginalized through education and acqusition of livelihood skills.

The main beneficiaries of TRLF programmes are members of the marginalized communities in Tana River and Lamu Districts of the Coast Province of Kenya. These include all AIDS orphans, children of subsistence farmers and nomadic pastoralists, and single parent families without any regular source of income.

A very small educational charity having a huge impact on a very local, disadvantaged community in Kwale County of Southern Kenya. Kwale County came second to bottom in the national educational league tables in the latest National assessments.

Kenya Kesho currently have seven students from our location on fully sponsored scholarships to university and five on partial scholarships.  Over our ten-year life span we have also put 48 boys and girls through Secondary School.  One of our students, who we ‘found’ very early on in Primary School and who we put through Secondary School has just completed his first year at University and won the Vice-Chancellor’s award for the TOP STUDENT OF THE YEAR.  We are very proud indeed!  Young Isaac Genya came from Mshiu Primary School, which is a Government School within our area.

Kenya Kesho have recently agreed to build eight Primary School classrooms, a computer room/library and teachers’ accommodation on a piece of land adjacent to this school.  This new development will be for the education of girls’ only.  The issue of girls’ education is unique and challenging in our rural area.  Girls in this area get a very raw deal when it comes to education as their fathers generally do not believe that the worth of education would benefit their own families and that the girls would only take their education to the family that they marry into.  By building 8 classrooms for up to 50 girls in each class , to be taught by devoted teachers, we hope to change their lives positively and also the mindset of their community towards girls’ education.